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Loonie is a deceptively challenging 2D platformer where the main objective for the player is to get a balloon to the end of the level without it popping on the ground, whilst keeping themselves alive. 

This must be done while navigating through puzzles present in each level. If you let the balloon, “Loonie”, touch the ground or if it gets popped by an obstacle, you fail and have to restart the level. With the added challenge of Loonie in the game, you must be aware of the balloon’s life, as well as your own.

During each level, in addition to thinking about surviving and completing the level, an
advanced player must worry about their completion time and collecting all the coins
present within the level, in order to get a perfect three star score

If you enjoy this game please go and give this game some attention at the dev's page here: https://neoludo.itch.io/loonie 


LoonieExe.zip 27 MB